How to Improve the Social Welfare Programs

Many people have argued that American social welfare programs are not as good as they should be, and that there is a lot of room for their improvement. In our view, while American social welfare programs work quite well, there are at least a couple of things that can be done, to improve those programs even further.

The first thing that can be done, to improve the social welfare programs, is to make them more self-sustaining. The idea should be to have everyone contribute significantly to the program while they are able-bodied, so that when they run into misfortune, they can be catered for. What is contributed to the programs should then be invested, to make the programs truly self-sustaining.

The second thing that can be done, to improve the social welfare programs, is to ensure that only people who deserve help from these programs get such help – and that the help which is provided is adequate. It is better to have few beneficiaries who are well catered for, rather than having many beneficiaries, each of them getting a pittance. We have to admit that there is a limit to the numbers of people who can benefit from these programs. The programs are not like computer programs – such as the remote support programs (accessible at which can always be scaled up to accommodate an ever-increasing number of people. There is a limit, and the US department of health and human services already knows that.

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