Maduro to reinforce social programs

Despite the sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States, the president insists that there will be a complete assistance from social cards when delivering aid to the Venezuelans. According to Telesur, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced the pension fund expansion. Aside from it is more socialist cards’ delivery to the nation, aiming to counteract ongoing international sanctions.

Moreover, Maduro confirmed his candidacy for the April 22 presidential elections as he reveals new challenges to develop Parto Humanizado or in English translation, “Humanized Delivery” program. This is for the delivery of over three million socialist cards and 200,000 additional pensions next month.

He spoke at the meeting with Mayors and Governors on February 28 at the Miraflores Palace. As mentioned earlier, Maduro stated the socialist cards’ participation in delivering aid to Venezuelan families regardless of the sanctions implemented by EU and the US.

“This year, 2018, is a key year for the history of Venezuela and the presidential elections are going to mark the beginning of a new historical time of renewal, of necessary changes in the Bolivarian Revolution to be able to build the future,” says the president.

“The revolution will triumph and continue advancing in the direction of prosperity… We continue working tirelessly for the welfare of the homeland. Together everything is possible,” he added. Have you checked Papasurvey?

Furthermore, the meeting was conducted through a video conference on social networks. Vice-President Tareck El Aissami also attended the meeting, along with National Constituent Assembly (ANC) President Delcy Rodriguez.

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