Social Change and Leadership Program

Marylhurst University accepts applications for its reinvigorated Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program. According to Oregon Business, classes will start in fall of 2018. The master’s degree program will reportedly have a focus on social justice and leadership.

Aside from this, students will have a better understanding of the social world and how they can effectively engage with leaders, agents of change and problem solvers through it. The program is expected to be completed in two years, which includes the capstone project.

The report also shared how the students will research and define these projects at the beginning of the program’s first year. In the second year, they will start receiving hands-on experience in implementing the project and applying the theory to social engagement and many other ways, stores near me.

“The new low-residency format makes it possible for graduate students from across the country to remain in the places in which they live and work – where they may already be engaged in social advocacy – while taking classes,” said Dr. Sean Gillon, chair of Marylhurst University’s Department of Interdisciplinary and Applied Liberal Arts.

“Each student will collaborate with faculty advisers to develop an independent project related to social change. Faculty will support and guide the students, who will plan and implement truly inspirational work in areas of interest to them and their communities, resulting in real change,” Gillon added.

Furthermore, the leadership and social change is the newest addition to Marylhurst’s low-residency graduate students, This is ideal for those who desire to study despite their busy schedule. After all, we all want to commit to our family and simply remain in the local community while learning. Marylhurst also offers the following:

  1. Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
  2. Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling
  3. Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Food Systems and Society in the low-residency format
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